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3D European Roulette

3D European Roulette
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3D European Roulette is for those who are looking for some action on the roulette wheel in the 3D version. It has been developed by Iron Dog. As you might have already understood the word 3D, the game offers some real looking features with multiple colours and depth. If you are familiar with Roulette games, then you will easily get used to this one as it comes with the standard Roulette rules. Out here, the European table has only one zero.

More about the world of 3D European Roulette

3D European Roulette is a kind of archetypal casino game. It brings together the physical movements of the wheel, and the ball with the associated glamour of this famous pastime.

You will see a betting table right in front of you with a slowly rotating wheel behind it. You can easily place your chips in this wheel. If you are looking for more complex betting options like red/black splits or the French style neighbour option, then just click on the ‘More Bets’ button.  

The rules of 3D European Roulette are quite simple. At first, you need to select the proper chip size from the bottom left corner. The range of bets is available from £0.10 to £100, per chip. Also, you are free to choose the number of chips per spin.

When you are done with placing your chips, click on the ‘Spin’ button in order to spin the wheel. If the sound effects are enabled, then you will hear a ball cracking down the spinning wheel before it finally lurches to a stop. After this, a lady will announce the winning number. If you are lucky enough to match that number then you will receive the massive payout.  

You can use the buttons which are located at the bottom of the screen if you want to repeat or clear the bet. You can even double your last bet for the next round. It follows La Partage. This means that you will be getting back 50% of your even money bets, in case the ball will land at zero. This is one of the great features in French Roulette games. This feature increases the RTP of the game.


3D European Roulette is a good looking casino game. You can always switch your screen to this one if you wish to have some fun over the spinning wheel. The rules are quite basic and easy to follow, which makes it comfortable even for the beginners. Also, the tinkly music and moderately grating piano noises will accompany you alongside your entire gameplay.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 13/09/2017

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