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A Dragon Story – Scratch

A Dragon Story – Scratch
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This amazing scratch card game called A Dragon Story – Scratch takes you back to the era of giant looking dragons. This scratch card game has been designed and developed by the very popular NextGen Gaming and is very interesting in nature. The developer has also released a slot game named ‘A Dragon Story’ and this scratch card game is based on it. The dragon theme here is not very fierce; on the contrary, it is entertaining. In this scratch game, the Dragon and the Knight are the hero and the villain respectively.

How to Play A Dragon Story – Scratch?

The rewards in A Dragon Story – Scratch card game range from 1x and go up to 1000x of the bet amount. The betting range here starts from 0.10 and goes up to 2.00 respectively. You can customise the bet using the buttons provides. Also, there are buttons to set the Autoplay as well as there is a music control option that is given beneath the settings tab. The cards are placed in the very centre of the screen and the same are dealt after you click on the ‘play’ button. Further, the cards could be scratched either individually or totally as per your convenience. This scratch card game doesn’t involve any kind of bonus or additional features.


A Dragon Story – Scratch card game comprises of same graphics and features as are used in its slot game by the same name. The important symbols in this slot game include the characters like a burning shoe, Sir William running, a dragon’s egg, lizard, a broken shield and many others.

It works on a very simple concept. The rewards here are hidden under a very defensive covering and the players are required to scratch in order to reveal what is hidden inside. Thus, the players are required to scratch the card and to further match them with the similar kinds of symbols. This scratch card game also allows the player to get three similar symbols in order to win the game.


A Dragon Story – Scratch is a decent scratch card game. The designs and the graphics used in this scratch card game are admirable. The comical characters involved are amazingly put up by the developers. The jackpot entertained is that of 1000x which is very phenomenal for a scratch card game. Overall, it is highly entertaining, simple, decent and entertaining.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 07/09/2016

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