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Auto Roulette VIP Live

Auto Roulette VIP Live
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Auto Roulette VIP Live is a rad attempt aimed at bringing the game of online roulette fully into the modern era by automating it as much as possible. It combines the inseparable duo of high stakes gaming and automatic wheel mechanics. This means that the usual live dealer is eliminated, no idle chit chat is supported and gameplay is possible 24/7 every day of the week, month and year. The game is also available on mobile and is regarded as one of the best games that Evolution Gaming has since released. Get more details of it below.

Live And Better With Auto Roulette VIP Live!

Auto Roulette VIP Live gives the game away with its name. As already mentioned, there’s no croupier or live dealer in evidence. Instead, the roulette wheel is set to spin automatically every few minutes. With the usual live dealer absent, all the usual human errors and foibles are practically eliminated and since the software does not need breaks like a live dealer the game can be played 24/7 without pauses. This schedule makes sense for those who are unable to wait for the opening of live dealer tables, as well as those who prefer gaming at unconventional hours.

With no live dealer present gameplay is considerably speeded up, to the extent that players are likely to miss a lot by just blinking! Indeed, 60 to 80 games per hour are not uncommon during gameplay in Auto Roulette VIP Live!

The onscreen action is streamed in crystal clear format via multiple cameras. The view can be user adjusted as needed and gameplay is not restricted to the PC, but also accessible to mobile users.


Despite its use of cutting edge technology and graphics, Auto Roulette VIP Live is surprisingly easy to play. It also makes uses of standard European roulette rules. Making bets is as simple as picking the desired chip size and placing these in the relevant table area just as players would in an actual casino. Supported bet types include straight up number bets, as well as outside bets. And like the name makes clear Auto Roulette VIP Live betting options are optimized for high rollers whose money are burning painful holes in their pockets! Thus, it supports bets of up to 20,000 per game.

Final Thoughts

Auto Roulette VIP Live is a rather fast-past game that offers a VIP experience. Lots of gameplay options, sweet audio and video effects and the fastest possible gameplay all make it a standout and a punchy heavyweight!

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 04/01/2019

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