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Baccarat Control Squeeze Live

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live
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Online card games are constantly on the rise in the world of online casino games. One of the popular card games that players can try out today is the Baccarat Control Squeeze Live. This is a game by Evolution Gaming where players are capable of regulating the Squeeze whenever a game is played. This game can be played on desktop computers and also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Learn more about this card game from the review below.

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live Gameplay

The Baccarat Control Squeeze Live is played with standard playing cards. There are 8 decks of standard playing cards used in this game which is typical of most baccarat card games. Players can make the main bet as well as accompanying side bets. What is interesting is that the side bets are not affected by the results of the main bet.

This card game comes with a betting limit that is as low as £5 and as high as £15,000 per gaming session. The high betting limit suggests that this card game is designed with high rollers in mind. Players can only play for real money, so you should make sure you are ready for a session before loading this game.

Live And Direct From Riga

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live is streamed directly from Riga which is the capital of Latvia. This is where Evolution Gaming has its studios which function on a 24/7 basis. Players should expect HD quality video and very good audio as well. In addition to this, the players should look forward to a seamless interface and gameplay.

Gaming sessions can be played from a variety of camera angles due to the multiple cameras on offer. Players will also be able to unveil card values when they peel the film masking the cards they are dealt with by the live dealer. The live dealer will also deal a third standard card to the banker and player before then announcing the outcome of the session.

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live Payouts

The rules in play are quite similar to that of Baccarat Squeeze. As a player, you can either place your bet on the banker, player or a tie. If you place your bet on a banker your expected payout is 0.95:1.

On the other hand, a bet placed on the player has a payout of 1:1 while a bet placed on a tie has an 8:1 payout. You begin a game as soon as your bets are placed. Once this is done, the live dealer will deal a couple of downward facing cards each to the banker and player.

To Sum Up

This is one card game worth playing as the gameplay is exciting and fun. In addition, players will be able to play directly from their mobile devices. Baccarat Control Squeeze Live is a virtual card game that will surely put a smile on the faces of the high roller.

Game Details

Software Developer: Evolution Gaming

Live Stream: Riga, Latvia

No. Of Card Decks: 8

Betting Range: £5 (Low) to £15,000 (High)

Side Bets: Yes

Mobile Compatibility: Yes

Author Info

Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 07/02/2019

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