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Blackjack F Live

Blackjack F Live
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Evolution Gaming is synonymous with great online casino games. With Blackjack F Live, you have a blackjack game with regular rules and gameplay similar to a standard blackjack game. In this review, the rules and bet options of this blackjack version are explained, read on!

Blackjack F Live Gaming Rules

First of all, it can be played with many players with each player playing against the dealer or house. In this blackjack version like the standard blackjack, the players will win the house when they have a hand comprising of two cards with values higher than that of the dealer. With card values amounting to 21, a player earns a blackjack. Some of the gaming rules that you should remember include;

  • Played with 8 decks of standard playing cards (52 cards per deck)
  • There are 7 players allowed on the blackjack table
  • The house will expectedly stand at a card value of 17
  • Splits are allowed but only once per hand
  • Those cards with a face value of between 2 and 10 also have a worth according to their face value
  • Jacks, Kings and Queens have a value of 10
  • For Aces, you have a value of 1 or 11

Cards are dealt one at a time by the house. The dealer starts by dealing a card each to all players starting from the player on the left side until finally, the dealer deals a card to himself. The second set of cards is then dealt by the house.

Hit, Stand And Double Down

In the event that the first two cards of the house is not a Blackjack (having a combined value of 21), players will be given the opportunity of having better card values. The house will deal more cards to players moving in a clockwise manner. Where a player does not have a blackjack, this player can Double Down.

The payer will double his/her bets and then receive an extra card. Players may Hit and in effect be dealt an extra card in the process. It is possible for players to Hit several times with each Hit resulting in additional playing cards being dealt. As soon as a player is content with his/her hand, this player may Stand. Wins in Blackjack F Live is earned when the player has a better hand than the house.

Blackjack F Live Blackjack

Just like regular blackjack casino games, the players can earn a blackjack in Blackjack F Live. By having an initial hand of two cards with a combined card value of precisely 21, you will earn a blackjack in this casino game. Players will automatically win the house and receive a payout of 3:2.

To Sum Up

Blackjack F Live is a fun and rewarding online casino gambling game. The rules are clear and living dealers ensure that players fully understand what is expected from the onset.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 10/01/2019

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