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Blackjack I Live

Blackjack I Live
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Great news for Evolution Gaming fans and passionate Blackjack players - Evolution Gaming has introduced a new game in their Live Blackjack set. Blackjack I Live, which stands for infinite live blackjack featuring some different features. The game tops among the other Blackjack table games as it guarantees a seat any time whether it's a day or night. What's more exciting is you can play on the desktop, tablets, and mobile phones.

Blackjack I Live Innovative Background And Features

Just like every other live Blackjack games by Evolution Gaming, Blackjack I Live shows off an HD quality larger video feed. The closer camera angles and visual effects add up to the action and fun of the game. The game has a toolbar with many options to help you communicate with your dealer and take decisions during the game.

One important change that makes this game more exciting is that every player will get a seat at the Blackjack I Live table. All the other blackjack live games by Evolution Gaming to have a wide range of bet limits. While it was good for both the players playing with low bets as well high rollers, players with lower bets had to bet behind as the games offered only 7 seats. But this game fixes that as well with offering every player a seat at the table.

Side Bets Win

As for the side bets along with perfect pairs and 21+3, the game features 2 more side bets and a 6 card Charlie rule. The 6-card Charlie rule is that the player wins if they get a 6-card value making 21 or less even when the dealer has a blackjack! This is what makes the rule and game itself more interesting to play.

There's also a hot 3 bet in which if your two cards together with the dealer's up card sum up to 19, 20, and 21 you win 1:1 for 19 and 2:1 for getting 20. Unsuited and suited 20 gets you 4:1 and 20:1 respectively, while the three 7’s wind a bigger bonus of 100:1.


While Blackjack I Live repeats many of other live blackjack game features, it definitely satisfies every infinite live blackjack player by offering a seat. The additional side bets and 6-card Charlie rule make the game more exciting and fun not to mention the quality of the video feed Evolution Gaming has maintained as always.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 10/01/2019

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