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Blackjack J Live

Blackjack J Live
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What makes a great game of blackjack? To answer this question, you will have to turn to Blackjack J Live. This is another blackjack game in the Evolution Gaming series. As you might know by now, blackjack pits you up against a dealer to see whose hand (that is two cards held) is greater, but less than 21 (which is a blackjack). In this blackjack version, you have the same rules in play, but table limits here differ from many others. Continue reading to learn more about this version of blackjack.

What To Expect From Blackjack J Live?

If you are tired of visiting land-based casinos for a game of blackjack, then you should consider trying out this virtual blackjack game. Blackjack J Live is an online blackjack game that should put you on the edge of your seat and here's why.

First of all, you have the chance to choose from a variety of tables with their betting limits of course. Secondly, there is a Bet Behind option available which allows you to place bets even when you cannot get a seat at a table. Bets are placed on the hands of the other players that are seated at your preferred table.

Thirdly, this blackjack game provides you with a myriad of camera angles to give you a better vintage view and also to promote better gameplay. If these aren't enough reasons for you to try out the Blackjack J by Evolution Gaming, then the highly interactive interface and professional live dealers should make you reconsider.

Gaming Rules To Remember

With Blackjack J Live, you have a set of rules which are not different from any typical blackjack game. Each gaming session is hosted by a live dealer from Evolution Gaming studios in Riga, Latvia. The dealer will permit as many as seven (7) players per table. The number of decks of 52 standard playing cards in each deck is eight (8).

The live dealer deals two cards to a player as well as himself. This dealer will “Stand” if the combined sum of his/her cards is “17”. Players will be able to “Double Down” on their first - two cards and they are allowed a single “Split” for each hand. There can be no “Double Down” once a “Split” occurs. Where a player has an Ace in their hand, this Ace can be “Split” and only one card can then be added to the Split Ace.

Blackjack J Live Payout Ratios

In Blackjack J Live, the players can also “Split” their first - two cards if these cards have an equal value. Where the live dealer displays an Ace card, then Insurance may be offered. For the Insurance Bet, the players will get a payout ratio of 2:1. Whereas when a player achieves a “Blackjack” that player will earn a payout ratio of 3:2.

The card values in this blackjack version are similar to that in standard blackjack games. Those cards with face values ranging between 2 and 10 have a real value that is equal to their face value. For Face Cards which include Kings, Jacks and Queens, their value is “10” each.

The Aces in this game have two values which are “1” and “11”. Side Bets are allowed with Perfect Pair and 21+3 side bets hugely popular. The payout for Perfect Pair is 25:1 while the 21+3 side bet has a payout ratio ranging from 5:1 for a “Flush” and 100:1 for “Suited Trips”.

To Sum Up

Blackjack J Live is another reason why you should invest your time and money in an online blackjack game. The high definition (HD) live streaming is seamless and crystal clear and the easy gameplay is quite fun.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 10/01/2019

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