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Blackjack VIP B

Blackjack VIP B
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Blackjack has over the centuries of its existence been referred to with many names. One of the most used is 21, with this being an apparent reference to the fact that 21 is the most optimum blackjack hand that leads to speedy wins.

Gameplay in blackjack consists of a pitched battle, not among the different players, but between the player(s) and the dealer. The game is known to be a breeze to get the hang of and is one of the most popular games around. It also has a lot of inbuilt glamour and dash and has been featured aplenty on lots of the best gambling-oriented blockbuster movies ever released.

Like any casino game, blackjack has more variants that can be counted in a sitting, with just one of these variants being analysed for this review. Known as the Blackjack VIP B, it is meant for VIP players looking for a bit of spicy fun. Get thoroughly acquainted with it by scrolling down.

Play With Your Destiny On Blackjack VIP B!

Blackjack VIP B thankfully employs standard blackjack rules and payouts. Therefore, it is quite easy to play, grasp and have sinful amounts of fun with!

Like any live game, a live dealer presides here. Based in a studio somewhere, the visuals in place in this live dealer game are as eye-candy as possible.

The provided blackjack table has room for 7 players. But should the seats be filled up, lots more players can participate in the gameplay action by making use of the thoughtfully provided Bet Behind option.

In this VIP-focused game, the maximum allowable wagers are high enough to give even King Midas cause for pause! Here, the dealer must stand on 17, and draw till 16.

Players are permitted to double down on their initial cards, can Hit, Stand, split initial cards whose value is identical, and add one card to every split ace. Doubling down is not possible after a split and the Insurance option can be used when the dealer looks liable to get Blackjack. The varied payouts are Insurance 2:1 and Blackjack 3:2.

The cards used in Blackjack VIP B are valued at standard rates and side bet options like Perfect Pairs and the 21+3 are available.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack VIP B is just like standard blackjack but has been tweaked to the tastes and preference of VIPs and other high rollers who prefer simple gameplay mechanics that is coupled to high-stakes thrills. Overall, it is certainly delightful.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 08/01/2019

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