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Blackjack VIP D Live

Blackjack VIP D Live
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Whether you are a novice or a veteran Blackjack player, Blackjack VIP D Live from the studios of Evolution Gaming offers an exclusive real-dealer experience. With a professional and well-experienced dealer assisting your Blackjack game streamed in HD from the exotic real casino location, you are sure to live every moment of real-time gaming.

Experience Immersive Live-gaming with Blackjack VIP D Live

This luxurious live table game allows the players to start betting at £100 as the minimum amount making the experience an intense and thrilling one. The maximum betting limit is £1000. It ensures that all returning Blackjack players get to access the premium chance of playing this VIP game. The game is streamed directly from Evolution Gaming’s VIP studio and you can interact with the live dealer as you play. This Blackjack variant can be played from your preferred device including mobile phones and tablets even on the go.

Blackjack VIP D Live comes with exclusive features where you can bet behind along with betting on the main Blackjack game. While the main VIP game requires high-rolling as compared to other Blackjack games, the bet behind options allows players to bet with the smaller amount so that players can place many wagers on a single hand.

The game uses 8 decks and the game’s brilliant graphics enable players to enjoy the game as they watch the dealer slide out the cards out of the deck and deal them on the felt table. Blackjack VIP D Live transports you to a real-casino environment within seconds. You can simply log into your casino accounts and start playing the game instantly from your mobile browsers without even having to download it.

In-game Features

Like other exquisite live Blackjack games from the crowned provider, Blackjack VIP D Live also offers the lucrative side betting options with Perfect Pairs, 21+3 and Bet Behind. The same standard Blackjack side bet rules apply to the perfect pairs and 21+3. With the bet behind the feature, you can bet on a hand which is dealt out to another player and share the perks of the outcome on that player’s hand. The payouts on your wager on bet behind option are similar to that on your ordinary bets in the game.

To Sum Up

Blackjack VIP D Live offers a high theoretical payout percentage on the main Blackjack game and a medium variance on the side bets. It is a deluxe game and indeed one of the fastest and wealthiest in the live-dealer suites.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 10/01/2019

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