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Blackjack VIP H Live

Blackjack VIP H Live
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Blackjack, the classic table game has been recreated in online casinos with an added thrill. Bringing the European style of play on the table the Blackjack VIP H Live is an exciting addition to the VIP Blackjack games from Evolution Gaming. This version comes with a live entertainment option and brilliant use of graphics to keep the players on the edge of their seat.

The Blackjack VIP H Live Theme!

Blackjack VIP H Live is set around the theme of a VIP Lounge of a luxurious casino. The tables are red and green and the dealers wear golden dresses adhering to the theme. The whole golden and red theme with luxury décor makes the best of view for the players to get into the mood of some quality gambling experience. The screen displays the table setting at a glance while there is also a display of live dealer dealing the cards and other players joining in on the table.

Features, rules and betting

Blackjack VIP H Live is an additional VIP blackjack game with the feature of hot players. Other players get to see the winning trails of a hot streak player to understand who they are competing with. Additionally, there is the Bet-Behind option so that multiplayer players can join into the luck of the hot players. The casino offers the players a chance to choose between the low and high limit tables according to the risk one wants to play with. There is an availability of betting anywhere from 250 to 5000 chips.

There are other features like the pre-decision, side bets, deal now, bet-behind, 21+3, etc for an added thrill in the game.

The dealer shuffles and deals from 8 decks of cards. The players get the split and double down option on the initial cards. The split is available only once and they can add a single card to the split aces.

To Sum Up

Truly bringing a charming outlay and thrilling experience for the high stake rollers, Evolution Gaming has brought the VIP experience of casinos to life for the online players. The standard gaming rules of Blackjack VIP H Live combined with the HD viewing experience and some innovative features to provide a smooth and lively gambling environment for the players. High betting limits, seamless games, live dealers etc combine together to put up a quality game in progress.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 10/01/2019

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