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Blackjack VIP I Live

Blackjack VIP I Live
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There are few games as popular as blackjack. Or as classy and beloved. It is a game with a relatively low house edge, with wins and losses being dependant on an equal mix of both skill and luck. There are currently myriads of blackjack variants floating around, with the likes of Evolution Gaming being responsible for a sizable number of these. One of their blackjack variants is called the Blackjack VIP I Live and will be thoroughly explored in this review. Read up all about it below.

VIP Fun With Blackjack VIP I Live!

Well, there isn’t much of a difference between standard blackjack and Blackjack VIP I Live. Just about the only appreciable difference is the fact that it is designed for VIP players and high rollers who like staking the equivalent of ‘huge’ on the turn of a card.

Apart from a very high betting limit, this live version of online Blackjack has a house edge of 0.41%, just like standard blackjack. It is as to be expected set in a live studio with live dealers. With multiple cameras arranged all over the place, players of this blackjack variant are assured of a sweet view of everything worth seeing.

The game is also accessible to mobile users and employs 8 decks of cards. The prominently female dealers are required to stand on all 17s and players are permitted to Hit, Split or Double after receiving their initial cards.

Doubling down is allowed on all hands but not after a split. Pairs can also be split and all split Aces receive an extra card. Insurance bets are supported, as are such optional side bets as the Bet Behind, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

The Insurance bet effectively lets players guarantee against total loss should the dealer get a hand of blackjack. The optional side bets on the other hand help to enliven gameplay and can be quite rewarding.

Final Thoughts

A plush studio atmosphere, sky-high betting limits, ‘X’ camera mode for enhanced camera views, large payouts and easily understood standard gameplay rules all make Blackjack VIP I Live a game worthy of serious consideration. There are also lots of gameplay options to get all worked up over. All in all, Blackjack VIP I Live promises a sweetly VIP experience, but only for those whose bank accounts have more zeros that can be tabulated in a week!

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 10/01/2019

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