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Boss the Lotto

Boss the Lotto
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If You Want To Win a Lot of Cash Awards Then Go for Boss the Lotto

Boss the Lotto is a classic lottery slot that can create a great winning streak for all the casino game lovers. This wonderful and entertaining lottery slot is launched by Gamevy. They have designed this slot for all the Lottery players. It believes in providing a great entertainment and huge winnings.

It is also available in a real money mode at the Vegas Mobile Casino. All you have to do is keep selecting the numbered balls to win surprising rewards. Our casino is a home for exciting slots, scratch cards, arcade games and table games.

Entertainment at a Different Level- Play Boss the Lotto

Boss the Lotto is not just another game. It has special rewards in it and you can start the bet by choosing a minimum coin size value of £2.

There are 49 different coloured balls that are placed out of which 43 are good balls and 6 six are the bad balls. If you pick all the 43 good balls without landing on the 6 bad balls then you win a huge payout which is also called as the Jackpot.

All the payouts happen on each bet and you win according to the number of good balls you have picked. The bad balls end the game but still if you have managed to pick a few of the good balls you still get the payouts. The balls will revolve and show a currency sign if it is a good one.

The bad ones are coloured Black and once the bad ball is picked it shows the location of the other 5 bad balls. The jackpot can be won only when all the good balls are picked. The rules are quite simple and the game is highly engaging.

Play for Fun at Vegas Mobile Casino

You can play our demo version at Vegas Mobile Casino where you get demo credits. You can choose a coin size and bet started.

The demo version of our slot will give you an idea of how the game can be played. You can also take help by clicking on the help button to get more information on the payouts and the rules.

An Exciting Lottery Slot with an Outstanding Gameplay - Play Now

Gamevy has launched a brilliant slot that suits the requirements of all our casino players. Boss the Lotto will entertain you and will also win you potential cash rewards.

Game Rules

Developer: Gamevy

Minimum Coin Size: £2

Autoplay: No

Balls Placed: 49 balls

Author Info

Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 06/10/2016

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