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Casino Hold’em Lobby Live

Casino Hold’em Lobby Live
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Casino Hold’em Lobby Live

Casino Hold’em Lobby Live offers a sweet array of games for all types of players and is featured at such casinos like Vegas Mobile Casino.

About Casino Hold’em Lobby Live

Game developers are a dime a dozen, with most essentially doing nothing but filling up space and often guilty of regarding radical innovation as a sin! But there are those who are ever-ready to go all-out in designing games that are simply mesmerizing to play. Evolution Gaming is one of such game developers and has had many successful releases.

Yet another range of their products is up for review today and is given a rather descriptive name. This lobby is filled up with the best classic games around, as well a few tasty new ones. Check it out below.

Enter And Reach For Greatness!

The game offers a very diverse array of Poker gaming tables that are hosted by the best trained live dealers in the business. Games featured in the lobby include all Poker classics such as Texas Hold em, as well as some newfangled creations like Caribbean Stud.

With lots of games available, players here are indeed spoiled for choice and in for a swell time! Games in Casino Hold’em Lobby Live supports both high and low rollers, with the atmosphere being one-of-a-kind and as fascinating as all get out.

Casino Hold Em Lobby Live Gameplay

This is a unique variant of the quite iconic Texas Hold’em, with the players facing off against the dealer so as to get ahold of payouts that are capped at 100:1. The dealer’s card can be trounced by players crafting the most optimum 5-card hand, which is made from a combo of the initial cards and the community cards.

Available is a Bonus Bet that pays out only when at least a pair of Aces is present in the initial 5 cards. This bonus bet is totally optional.

Also optional is a progressive jackpot which pays out gargantuan prizes when players get a 7 card straight flush. Lower prizes are also available for other poker hands.

Final Thoughts

Casino Hold’em Lobby Live offer a lot of games and lots of action and is simply impossible to miss!

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 18/01/2019

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