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Dragon Bonus Baccarat

Dragon Bonus Baccarat
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The game of Baccarat is universally loved for its simple and straightforward gameplay. In fact, a round of Baccarat is as simple as betting on a coin flip; and to make this uncomplicated game a lot more interesting, one has to try the Dragon Bonus Baccarat version, which is currently available at Vegas Mobile Casino online

Getting started

Dragon Bonus Baccarat is not a whole lot different from the original version. In fact, the gameplay and the rules are exactly the same with the addition of an extended paytable to make it more exciting and lucrative. So, the basic rules of this version are the same as the original with added payout options that players can opt for before any cards are dealt. So, let us first look at the basic rules of the game and then see how it is different from the traditional version and how the extended paytable comes into play. 

Basic rules of the game 

This version of Baccarat also is a player vs dealer game. Basically, the object is to bet on the outcome of the game. There are three betting options available – player’s bet, banker’s bet and tie bet. Player’s bet translates to betting on the player winning, while the banker’s bet translates to betting on the dealer winning. Tie bet means betting that both the player and the dealer will get a similar total.

The player and the dealer are dealt two cards each, and each can opt to either stand or draw. So each hand can have a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 3 cards. The dealer first turns up the player's cards and declares the total; the same is done with the banker's hand. In Baccarat, the highest possible total is 9 and the hand with a total closest to 9 wins. 

The special feature 

The difference between Dragon Bonus Baccarat and the normal version is at the end during the payout. Where the payouts for the original version depend just on the player or dealer getting a better total, in the Dragon Bonus Baccarat version, the difference between the two totals carries extra payouts. The higher the margin of victory, the better the payouts! 

Concluding note

Thus, the beauty of Dragon Bonus Baccarat is that it comes with all the simplicity of the original version with a surprising twist right at the end. The extended payout isn’t just exciting; it is also lucrative!

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 14/01/2020

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