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French Roulette Live

French Roulette Live
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French Roulette Live is an online game from Evolution Gaming in a bid to make the classic casino game of Roulette more fun, interesting, and viable.

About French Roulette Live

French Roulette Live, the new online casino game from Evolution Gaming is a slightly modern adaptation of the classic Roulette game. The new online platform has been devised to add many exciting modern features to the old game on a much bigger scale available.

Main Features

Evolution Gaming has put in a lot of thought in devising this French Roulette Live platform. The main features include chat, game history, statistics, hot numbers. At the same time, the favourite betting menu allows players to save up to 15 of their bets and enjoy an on-the-go mobile play. You can play from multiple devices, be it a mobile device or a desktop.

The Roulette floor is bigger and better on this new platform and comes with the multiple game feature enabled. The Hollywood style, multi-angled cameras and a massive betting table with many variants of bets and payouts make the classic game of Roulette more interesting. Plus the multi-lingual live dealers help the players all over the world place their best bets and optimise their rewards.

Provision for Bonuses and Rewards

The French Roulette Live has a slightly different table layout than the classic European Roulette. There are 36 numbers from 1 to 36 featured on the Roulette wheel and one zero as well. The La Partage rule implies that if an even-money bet has been staked and the ball land son zero, the player loses half his or her money only instead of the whole bet.

Spins can be sped with the speed Roulette variation of the game where the spin time is reduced by 50%. The wheel is spun faster. Also, more bets can be placed in a lesser amount of time with the saved bets options which enable players to save up to 15 bets. Many other variants of Roulette can also be found to diversify French Roulette in many ways. Placing of bets is easy and the rewards bigger in this version.

To Sum Up

French Roulette Live is a viable option for players who want to have access to the French Roulette wheel on the go and want to access the game on all platforms.

Author Info

Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 24/11/2018

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