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French Roulette

French Roulette
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The game of Roulette has remained a popular casino game through all of the years that casinos have been in operation so far. Also called the little wheel because of the small wheel that is twirled for the ball to land on, this online Roulette game offers you a way for purists to try out their luck without having to learn any complex card strategies or rules. This is why French Roulette by Microgaming is such a popular game today.

Bonjour French Roulette At Your Home

Thanks to French Roulette by Microgaming, the Roulette board is now brought right home to you. The realistic graphics that the game developer has made this game with a so very refreshing to users and you would really want to play The game more and more each day. The game performance is very smooth on your desktop and you can launch it right from your browser without ever having to download it.

How to Play?

You can play French Roulette on your desktop by making use of the game controls to do so. You can start playing by selecting your wager by selecting how much you want to bet on the game. You can then select what sort of a bet you want to make. If you are wagering on individual numbers, your maximum bet size is 10. If you are placing a bet on passé, which is numbers 19 to 36, your maximum wager is 80. If you are wagering on sets of 12, your maximum bet size is 70.

French Roulette is based on the European version of Roulette that omits the double zero slot that the American version likes to use. This, therefore, improves your odds of getting your wager as there are fewer slots on the wheel.


You can easily calculate the payout that you will receive on the game by taking a look at the pay table to see how much you have won. There is the straight up bet which allows you to get a 35x payout. There is a split that pays out 17x of your wager. Then, there is the street that pays out 11x your wager. There is the square that gives you a payout of 8x of your initial bet. If you have a line bet it pays out 5x your wager. If you make a wager on a column or a dozen, you get a payout of 2x and finally there are evens that pay out the same that you have staked.


With the breathtaking visuals and gameplay, French Roulette is one casino table game by Microgaming that you should definitely play if you are a fan of online Roulette. There is the auto play feature that you can use to automatically calculate your bets as long as you set your wager limits. Then there is the expert mode which allows you to manage your chips more effectively as you play. This game makes you feel like you are at an actual casino and therefore can play like a star.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 02/12/2015

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