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Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel
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Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel

For those who are not already familiar with this slots game, Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel is the sequel of Fruit Fiesta slots, which is one of the older slot machines available online. It is a user-friendly interface, which allows for the player to make spins on the virtual machine. It promises the prospect of big winnings.

How to Play Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel Slots?

Here you can either play in the normal mode or the expert mode. In the expert mode, you can turn on the Auto Play option. But, you might not want to do that since the jackpot of the slots game is too lucrative to miss seeing it hit.


True to its name, the slot game is themed with brightly coloured fruit icons. You can see various symbols such as the game’s logo, sevens, bells, bars and various fruits. There are no free spins in this slots game, much like in life. The look and feel of the virtual slot are also very true to life. It has touches of old-school Vegas machines it in. In order to win big, the player has to look for the ‘wild’ symbol, which is the logo of the game, so it’s not hard to miss.

The wild symbol in Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel slots is definitely the highest paying spin you can get. It can pay out as much as 9000 coins if you get a clean sweep of five at a time. The symbol can also be used as a standby for others, except for the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol is the second most important spin you can get. The company wasn’t very imaginative when it designed the symbol, which is simply the word ‘scatter.’ Still, if you get three or more anywhere on your screen, expect a big win!

To get to those coveted prizes, you have to play at the maximum betting amount in this slots game. Actually, the max bet, 75 cents a spin, is the only one you can play on. Like a Vegas slot machine, the real test here is to keep playing till the jackpot amounts to a decent winning. It can go over till 10,000, but it isn’t ever going to reach millions. Still, there is nothing wrong with ten grand in the pocket, right?

The con in Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel slots is the low return to player, which is a little over 90%. However, that also means if you get lucky, you will win 30 times your original bet amount. Not bad for an online game.


Microgaming has produced a reasonable game in Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel slots. It’s pretty close to a real life slot machine experience, and you could very well win the jackpot in this one. For mobile game players, the interface is perfect as it is simple and loads quickly.

However, the lack of free spins and small maximum betting amount are a definite drawback to this slot game. Other slot machine games have introduced the free spin, and Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel slots should think about catching up with its competition too.

Game Details

  • Manufacturer: Microgaming
  • Reels:  5
  • Paylines: 15
  • Bet Range:      £0.75 - £0.75
  • Progressive Jackpot:   Yes
  • Free Spins:       No
  • Autoplay:         No
  • Mobile:            Yes
  • Progressive:    Yes
  • RTP:     90%

Author Info

Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 02/12/2015

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