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Grand VIP Live
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Evolution Gaming is the software responsible for the development of Grand VIP Live. This is an online blackjack game that has been specifically designed to meet the demands of high rollers. Blackjack players can also relax in their homes when playing this game. They can also play while on-the-go as this blackjack is fully compatible with mobile devices. Read on to learn about this VIP Blackjack game.

Grand VIP Live - A Luxuriously Set Blackjack

Being that Grand VIP Live is a blackjack for high rollers, you can expect that the layout will display some level of affluence. This is exactly the case with this online blackjack table game. The rooms of this game are luxuriously decorated in gold to add to the prestige of the game.

In addition, the live studios feature attractive, courteous and professional live croupiers that lead and help you through each gaming session. The Evolution Gaming studio where this blackjack is streamed live is in Riga which is the capital city of Latvia.

The gaming table offers great drawing rules. Players can “Split” a pair of cards in their hand. For example, a pair of Kings worth a value of “10”. Players can also “Double” on a couple of cards including the Split cards. The house edge for this game is set at 0.61% and this is when a standard strategy is in play.

Betting Values

The minimum betting value is £500 per gaming round. As mentioned before, this is just ideal for high rollers wishing to play a serious game of blackjack for real money and really big payouts. For the maximum betting of this online blackjack table game, you have £5,000 per gaming session.

Grand VIP Live Rules

Just like with other blackjack variants, the Grand VIP Live is played under similar rules. You can earn a “Blackjack” whenever your hand has a combined value of “21”. You win when the value of your hand exceeds that of the dealer, but it should not be more than “21”.

The dealers would normally stand with a hand of “17” while they will draw with a hand of “16”. There are a number of side bets that can be wagered while the main bet is in play. The outcome of these side bets is not influenced by the result of the main bet. You have 21+3, Coloured Pairs, Mixed Pairs and Perfect Pairs side bets.

To Sum Up

Grand VIP Live is an exciting VIP online blackjack table game. With a minimum sum of £500 per round, you can get to play from your desktop and mobile device such as smartphones and tablets.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 10/10/2018

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