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Live Bacarrat Squeeze

Live Bacarrat Squeeze
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Evolution Gaming is by most accounts one of the most respected game makers in the industry. They have a plethora of widely acclaimed slots and other casino games, with more being regularly released. They are heavily represented in the live casino game sector, with more such games in their catalogue that you could play in a century!

Live Baccarat Squeeze is the latest addition to their collection and is a Baccarat variant that lets players indulge in a beloved pastime- card squeezing. Now, there are fewer insanely pleasurable acts than squeezing the cards in a Baccarat game. This act has been regularly performed by millions of baccarat players in the centuries of its existence but was lost with the development and introduction of online casinos.

Squeeze The Greatness With Live Baccarat Squeeze!

Live Baccarat Squeeze is an essentially the same as standard Baccarat. The rules are identical when betting on the banker, player or tie as the case may be. Like in standard Baccarat, the aim remains to get hands that are as near in value to 9 as possible.

The card values in Live Baccarat Squeeze are the same, with the face value cards being reckoned as 0, Aces being valued at 1 point and card 2 to 9 having their face values. Side bets are of course permitted, with players being able to wager on the probability of either the banker or players themselves getting matching pairs. The former pays out at 1:1, with the banker, bet having a commission of 5% that effectively lowers the payout to 1:1. The payout for two bets is 200:1, and a pair that is held in either hand pays out at 25:1.

Players of Live Baccarat Squeeze are assured of having excellent views of the action. There are varied camera angles for capturing every bit of the action. A maximum of 17 cameras in HD format is present, with this assuring a sweet view of all that’s taking place.

During the gameplay, the cards get deliciously squeezed by the dealer before they get flipped over. This enhances the suspense and mimics what happens during a baccarat game among friends.

Final Thoughts

Live Baccarat Squeeze is a live dealer version of the standard casino game. It has a charming card squeezing function that serves to distinguish it, offers a sweet view of the action and is worth getting in a squeeze over!

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 05/12/2018

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