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Odd One In

Odd One In
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If you are a fan of online casino tables, you are sure going to love Odd One In. This casino game is just like a fresh gush of air in the world of online casino gaming. The game brings with it some freshness and a whole lot of rewards. It has already taken the gaming world by storm and the gamers couldn’t get enough of this game.

The table will give you a feel of playing on the standard casino table. The excellent graphics and audio quality will give you a great gaming experience. The game is played with the standard deck. The game is produced by 1 X 2 Gaming.

How to Play Odd One In?

The rules and regulations of “odd one in” are quite simple and easily understandable. The game is played with 52 cards. Jokers are not included. The game does not come with a complicated rule book and is sure to give you an amazing time. You need to place a bet on 2 cards drawn. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only place the bet on odd numbers and not on even numbers. You can make up a strategy in mind or play with sheer luck. A good strategy gives you thick chances of winning. A correct strategy offers you the RTP of 97.70 per cent.

To kick- start the game, you need to choose the level of the bet from the chips presents the screen’s bottom. You will find a betting range from £0.10 to £200.00. Now, all you need to do is to make a decision. After that, the game will draw two cards and turn them over to let you know the total. If the total is similar to the bet that you have placed, you win hands down. After this, you can either select a new bet or also, you can re-bet. You will see the button below the table.


The graphics of the Odd One In game are to die for. You will see a beautifully designed casino table giving you a feel of playing at a real casino table. The betting options are available on the table. You will get three rows. The top row offers betting on big or small numbers. You can place the bet on any odd number of your choice and numbers that are combined with suits.

In the middle row, you will get doubles i.e. 3 & 5, 5 & 7, et al. If you have got all the guts to gamble, the last row is for you. You can bet on single numbers. This row also offers the highest payouts. For number 3, you get 75/ 1.

There are certain types of bets included in the game. Basic Bets give payout in 1:1 ratio. Colour Bets give payout in 3:1 or 7:1 ratio. Big Number Bets give payout in 5:2 ratio, Small Number Bets give payout in 7:2 ratio. You can also place Single Number or Double Number Bets.


Odd One In is one of the most interesting games to try and also, it offers enthralling payouts. The game is new and fresh. It is a must try.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 03/12/2015

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