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Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold
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Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

Microgaming is really changing the face of online casino games especially with their gold series of casino games. To add to their ever growing popular range of online Blackjack games comes the Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo game that gives you a realistic view of the game as if you are playing it at a real physical casino.

Play A Premier Game Of Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo With An Interesting Twist

Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo gives you the gameplay of interesting Blackjack with an even better gameplay to add to your interest. The game first of all looks like it is being played at a physical casino because of the appearance of the game board. It gives you a very pleasant gaming experience and you really feel like you get your money's worth with the game.

How to Play Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo?

Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo is based on the European version of the game of Blackjack and it is therefore played with two decks of cards each with 52 cards in it. You can make a bet of up to 25 in the game and then proceed to deal.

In this game, the dealer is allowed to stand on any 17. You can double down on a hard 9, 10 or 11. You cannot double down after a split. As with other Blackjack games, you can only split once during the game. You cannot split tens that are of different ranks. You are not allowed to surrender in the game. You can add different cards to split aces. An Ace and a ten cannot be considered Blackjack if they were formed after a split.

You can use the boxes on the right to make a side bet in Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo. You can bet that the sum of the first two cards will be either less than 13, 13 or more than 13. If you bet that the sum will be less than or more than 13, you have a 1:1 multiplier whereas if you bet that the sum is 13 you get a 10:1 stake multiplier.


The main features of the game interface are very easy to use. There is the deal option using which you can deal out cards. The clear bets option will clear out all your selected wagers. The bet x2 allows you to double your wager. You can use the re-bet option to place the same bet as you previously had done. Re-bet allows you to both place the previous bet again as well as to double it.

You can use the change table option to change your table's layout. There is the auto play button to automatically allow the game to choose your bet. The double option allows you to double your winnings. The Hit option can be used to take a card while the Stand option is used to stop taking cards.


Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo is a very well made game of Blackjack that gives, even more, class to the game and lets you enjoy the thrill of a real casino experience.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 01/12/2015

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