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Roulette Lobby

Roulette Lobby
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Evolution Gaming is the power behind the Roulette Lobby. This lobby aims to offer different options for roulette players who are looking to get immensely entertained by a boatload of roulette variants.

Choosing a particular table out of the many on offer is no easy task. Still, whichever table players manage to select, they can rest assured that they will be spoiled with an immersive experience that will get their pulse madly pumping!

The goodies on offer can be accessed on both mobile and PC and by anyone, regardless of if they are a high or low roller.

Gameplay at the all Exciting Roulette Lobby

To begin playing in a roulette game, the players must first place their bets. Bet sizes differ widely and can range from single digits to five digits.

Both inside and outside bets are permitted, as well as neighbours and call bets. The American roulette version has 38 pockets, with this leading to a significant boost in the house edge. The other roulette variants consequently make use of a wheel with 37 pockets and have lower house edges.

While the applicable rules might differ from one table to the other, all that’s required for a win is for the roulette ball to land in the pocket that was previously picked by the player. Prizes won here vary according to bet types, with Straight Up bets paying the highest prize of 35:1.

Games can also be accessed at all hours of the day and night and on both desktop and mobile devices.

Features Of The Roulette Lobby

These Roulette Lobby games are all streamed in HD from studios custom-built for the purpose. At such tables, statistics are provided showing all there is to know about previous rounds, how to save favourite bets and the like.

Here are a few tables featured on Roulette Lobby at Vegas Mobile Casino

European Roulette - this is the standard roulette game. It has a single zero and is available at both VIP and standard tables.

French Roulette - uses a single zero and enforces the La Partage rule for an ultra-low house edge.

American Roulette - has a higher house edge than all variants.

Double Ball Roulette - played with a couple of roulette balls and offers payouts capped at 1300:1.

Double Play Roulette- here, participation in a land-based casino roulette game is possible via mobile devices and PC.

Immersive Roulette - offers an overly immersive experience via multiple camera views.

Mini Roulette - makes use of European roulette rules, as well as a smaller game window that permits the simultaneous playing of multiple games.

Speed Roulette - a speeded-up game that lasts 25 seconds per game. Slingshot Auto Roulette - no live dealer is present here and from 60-80 rounds per hour can be played.

Lightning Roulette - makes use of European roulette rules and is RNG-operated. Extra prizes that can reach 500x the stake are available.

Native Speaking Roulette - these are roulette tables with live dealers that speak a particular native language. These languages can be Turkish, German and the like.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Roulette Lobby seems to be an overabundance of goodies here for players to overdose on!

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