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Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter
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Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter is a unique online game, something like which there aren't many. And if you like dice games, this game is probably the one online casino game that you must definitely try.

The game is pretty simple to understand and plays out like a normal dice game. You are given 3 standard dice and 3 chances. All you have to do is to shoot down the 3 target dice that is rolled by the croupier.

The rolls will eliminate all the targets and let you win big if you are a Sharp Shooter are lucky enough to dispatch the opposition as fast as you can.

The game is refreshing and is different from most of the casino games present. Add to that the simple rules and regular wins this game will definitely become one of your most favourite online games within no time. The developers 1x2 have hit the bull’s eye with this one.

How to Play Sharp Shooter?

Sharp Shooter can be played anywhere between £0.1 and £200. You can win up to £1600 in this game. First, you need to choose a chip value if you want to start playing. You can do that by clicking the relevant chip on the bottom of the screen. Then, two buttons will appear on the screen with options once you put your chip down. While pressing one will clear all the chips will let you start again, the other one will pets you start the game.

The objective of the game is to use 3 regular dices to match the symbols on the dice rolled by the croupier in 3 rolls. Suppose if you are to match 6,5,6 and you have rolled 6,2,3 until now you have to roll a 5 and a 6 to win. One single dice matches only one other dice. If you manage to match all the dice before or on the last roll, you win.

For the first roll win, you get a payout of 8/1,7/5 for the second and 1/2 for the last.


Sharp Shooter is one of the best releases from the Developer 1x2 Gaming. When the slot gaming world is filled with games with the same type of gameplay, this table casino game here is a welcome change. Do play for a chance to be surprised.

Game Details

Name : Sharp Shooter

Developer : 1×2 Gaming

Type : Dice Game

Min Bet : 1p

Max Bet : 200£

Bonus Features : No

Free Spins : No

Author Info

Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 01/12/2015

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