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Six Shooter

Six Shooter
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Six Shooter

It's time to draw your weapon and join the shootout because there's room for only one cowboy in this one-horse town! Six Shooter is an action-packed casino game from Microgaming that will make you want to get on your horse and ride off into the sunset with all the loot that you are bound to get from playing the game.

Plenty of Cowboy Action On This Six Shooter Entertaining Casino Game

Six Shooter is a dice roll casino game that is flavoured with a cowboy and Western theme. The cowboys in this game are out on a deadly mission to shoot the bad guys and you need to help them if you are to make your big payouts from this game.

How to Play?

The game board of Six Shooter is made up of 48 sectors and it is your mission to move your cowboy along this path with the help of the rolls of the dice that are represented by the barrel of the revolver, also called a Six Shooter. You, therefore, have to spin the cylinder of the revolver in order to make him move forward.

You can start playing the game by placing a wager before you make your move. You can start your betting from a wager as low as 0.50 and go up as high as 10. You have eight chances to make your cowboy move as many as six moves on the game board.


As you move along the game board, you will see that there are three different moves that your protagonist can make as he moves along the game board. All you need to do is make sure your cowboy reaches the bank vault safe and sound without falling into certain death so that you win.

The first is Continue. This is a blank space along which the Cowboys can move along as long as there are moves available. The second is Prize, which is a spot that offers you the chance to win either cash or multipliers. You can avail of this even if you are just passing through it without landing on this spot. The multiplier that you get is determined by the multiplier that appears on the spot along with your original wager. The third type of move is Death. This spot is indicated by the skull of a bison. If you land on this, you are out of the game and your payout will be whatever you had earned so far.


With a jackpot of 25,000x, the Six Shooter game is your ally to getting your game face on in this western-themed game. You can try your best in getting the cowboy out to safety so that you can make as much loot as possible with the help of some strategically placed bets. The multipliers are where you can make the most in the game so you should try your best to get a chance to play these so that you can win your game.

Game Rules

Developer: Microgaming

Minimum wager: 0.50

Maximum wager: 10

Jackpot: 25,000x

Author Info

Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 03/12/2015

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