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Speed Baccarat B Live

Speed Baccarat B Live
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Speed Baccarat B Live was released in the first quarter of 2017 by Evolution Gaming. This is a specialist baccarat variant that was designed to keep players playing for long periods of time. The focus is more on the gameplay speed instead of the availability of high-quality video, audio and other gaming features. Check out this review for more details about this game.

Time Saving Speed Baccarat B Live

Those gaming features perceived as being time-consuming are gotten rid of. To ensure that this baccarat card game is played at a very fast speed, some of the features have been dropped. Some of the features gotten rid of in this game include;

  • This baccarat has no need for the random shuffling of the 8 decks of cards before a game.
  • There is no card squeeze option available.
  • Multiple cameras and different camera angles do not exist in this game.

Traditional baccarat games are played within 48 seconds, but with this casino card game, you have just 27 seconds per session.

Standard Rules Apply

The gaming rules of Speed Baccarat B Live is similar to that of any other standard baccarat card game. You have 8 standard 52 card decks in play with players able to make Player, Banker and Tie bets. Bets are placed only after the dealer deals two cards (upward facing) to each of the Player and Banker.

Players need to decide which bet to place hoping to bet on a hand with a value of 9. The professional dealer then declares if a player has emerged a winner or not. Note that bets are placed within 12 seconds, so players need to act fast in this game.

Speed Baccarat B Live From Riga

Evolution Gaming has ensured that the players of Speed Baccarat B Live feel like they are actually in a real-life casino. The game is beamed live from their studios located in the Latin capital city of Riga. The live dealers are quite courteous and definitely professional in their dealings with all players.

This game is mobile compatible, but unlike other baccarat games, this one is played only on real-money mode. The video, as well as audio quality, is quite high and the gameplay is seamless and quick.

To Sum Up

Speed Baccarat B Live is a baccarat game with rounds played under 27 seconds. Bets are made quickly and within just 12 seconds. This is an exciting baccarat variant that should keep players wanting more with each session.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 10/10/2018

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