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VIP Roulette Live

VIP Roulette Live
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VIP Roulette Live is a variant of the fast-paced live casino game that is played at exclusive live dealer tables. These live dealer tables are located in a very plush studio somewhere in sunny Malta, with the action being streamed from there via a multiplicity of HD cameras.

This Online Roulette version follows most of the standard Roulette rules but distinguishes itself by being reserved for high rollers with cash to burn. Thus, the wagering limits are high enough to poke your staking spirits!

The gameplay experience here is extremely user customizable, with user convenience, security and enjoyability being apparently placed on a pedestal. Read on for more details of this live dealer game.

VIP Roulette Live, A Game For The High And Mighty

VIP Roulette Live is a live dealer variant of the game known and loved by millions across the globe. Standard gameplay rules apply, as well as payouts and bet types.

Like any VIP-focused live casino game, the action impresses visually. Indeed, the video quality from the stream is sky-high and gameplay is enhanced by the very courteous female croupiers and the convenient layout of the game window. The action can as well be viewed in full-screen mode if desired.

Live chat functions are supported here, but free play is not.

Gameplay In VIP Roulette Live

To play, players need to choose VIP Roulette Live from the lobby of the casino that supports it. The video stream is then displayed atop the screen, with the gaming table placed below it. There are a total of 5 chip values available, with this starting and maxing out at £1 to £1,000 respectively.

When the “Place Your Bets” option is displayed, the players can put their preferred chip values on the sections of the table desired. Once the bets have been placed, the wheel is spun by the croupier and the “No More Bets” sign is displayed. Next, the camera zooms in as the wheel spins, with players being able to know nearly instantly when their number hits.

The maximum supported bet values vary in this live casino game. Players are thus enabled to wager a maximum of £250 on straight up bets, with the payoff being 35-1. The maximum wager per spin in this Roulette version is set at a gargantuan £75,000!

Both hot and cold numbers are displayed at the top corner of the screen, in addition to the Racetrack. Buttons are additionally provided to aid in the accessing of the paytable, game history and game rules.

Final Thoughts

VIP Roulette Live offers a VIP experience that’s tailored to the needs of high rollers. It comes feature-packed, offers a totally gorgeous view of the action via multiple HD cameras and makes lots of sense for those with cash to burn, who are in search of the best possible live dealer Roulette experience.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 05/12/2018

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