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1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure

1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure
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1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure
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The 1 Reel Caribbean Treasure by Spinomenal is a pirate themed slot game. The events of the game take place on a secluded island somewhere in the Caribbean. The sun has set, and the sky is starting to get darker on the island. Players can follow the map to find the treasure along with the pirates. 

The reel board of the slot game is set on this island. The reel is adorned with various sea elements like shells, starfish, and seaweed. On the left-hand side of the reel, the bonus win of the game is mentioned. Players can join the treasure hunt with the pirates at Vegas Mobile Casino.


The slot game 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure has only three symbols, one of which is the treasure map that can lead the players to where the jackpot is hidden. The second symbol of the slot game is the collect symbol, a binocular. 

The remaining symbol of the video slot game 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure is the treasure chest symbol. The treasure chest symbol is the wildcard symbol of the slot game. The special symbol of the split game is a pirate flag. 


Being a one reeled slot game, only one symbol can appear on the reel at a time. The symbols of the game are all related to sailing. There is a map, a compass, a long-range finder, a treasure chest with gold, and a skeleton flag symbol.

The 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure slot game also has features like progressive symbol wins, special symbols, and special wins. 

The 1 Reel- Caribbean Treasure features three symbols with progressive wins based on the number of times the player manages to land the symbol on the reel. Each time one of the symbols lands, the corresponding winning bar will progress to the next level. 

All the winnings the player lands are collected by the bank, except for direct wins and jackpot wins. By clicking on the collect button, all the money earned from the bank will be awarded, and the symbol prize progression will reset. 

The wild symbol of the slot game is the golden treasure chest; landing on this symbol counts as landing on all the symbols at once, and the progress bar for all the symbols will move to the next level. 

The special win feature is awarded when the progress bar reaches the final level for a symbol. Any time the same symbol lands on the reel in this state, rewards will be awarded to the players. If a player fills all three progressive bars, they will be rewarded with the jackpot. 


The 1 Reel- Caribbean Treasure slot game has a 91.5% RTP rate with high volatility. The game has a 1 reel, 1 payline format. The maximum win in the game is capped at 500 times the bet amount. The minimum bet in the game starts at 0.01 and can be  extended to a maximum of 10 per spin.

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