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Age of Conquest

Age of Conquest is a royal styled slot play with features and feature slots. The game is known for its epic themed layout and jackpot functions. To win an empire, the Age of Conquest should be rolled. 

About the Game

Age of Conquest has a well defined slot and is filled with features. The layout of the slot is royal and is filled with colours and magical aura. The layout and structure surpass the game’s ideology and creates a comfortable pedestal for the gamers. The background of the game is a high hill castle with a legendary shade. Hues of purple and red are mixed with the clouds to make a utopian colour scheme. Behind the misty meadows of some unknown place, the castle of the kings can be seen. This is where the slots roll and it's purely majestic. 


The symbols of Age of Conquest are placed inside a wooden frame with golden accents. Two flame torches can also be seen here. The symbols here are lanterns, swords, eagles and horses and a princess. These are the high valued symbols. The low valued are the gold etched ones. The most expensive is the prince symbol which rewards 1, 5 or 15 x of the total stake. 


Free-spin feature is the primary feature here. It can create some huge reward ratio even though it's the simplest one. The free spin function is controlled by the golden scatter symbols. With this up to 25 free spins can be achieved by the players. It's just a matter of some basic calculations and voila. 

Bonus Features 

The Wild Reel Feature is the bonus feature here in the Age of Conquest. There is a light meter above the slot table. Whenever a diamond symbol lands on the reels, the meter illuminates and the bonus is triggered. Once the players lit both diamonds on a particular reel, it creates more wild rewards. 


The overall gaming quality and graphics here are impeccable and off the limits. This is more than what the gamers actually asked for. Age of Conquest is a real deal for the real conquest. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur