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Alchemy Blast

Alchemy Blast
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Alchemy Blast
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Enter the lab of the Alchemy master and learn the deep secrets through the graphically animated slot design and exciting features in Alchemy Blast. 

Game features 

A very fun and unique concept of gameplay has been adopted in Alchemy Blast, which is presented by MicroGaming. The central plot of the game is based in the laboratory of Miss Lita Flamel, who is considered as the master of alchemy. Bottles of potion vials and various sorts of animated equipment can be seen in the background. 

A fun and unique slot game can be seen placed over a boiling pot, which features 5 reels and 6 rows with small-sized bubbles representing the positions for the elemental symbols. The basic method of winning in this game requires the player to click on the matching elements and remove them from the grid. Clusters of 3 or more matching symbols can be selected so that they can be blasted away, which resembles the mechanism of a generic video game. 

Seven elements are present on the top of the grid, along with progress bars for each of them. When a particular number of identical elements are blasted in one go, the level of the progress bar increases in that proportion. When an element bar fills up completely, the base multiplier that comes along with the bar is given to the player. 

Different elements in various bright coloured bubbles are present on the grid. These can be differentiated on the basis of their colours such as orange, pink, yellow, red, and blue. Multiple progress bars can be filled up in a single round by blasting as many elements as possible. This can help the players in earning more and more multipliers.  

Special features 

Three distinctive mystical potions of elixirs form the special feature of this game. The role played by the elixirs in unlocking various bonuses, and special features of the game are very important. At the beginning of each spin, the player has to select a primary elixir symbol by clicking on the elixir shaped button that is present on the bottom liner of the grid. 

After every blast that takes place over the grid, these elixirs keep shifting, which gives the player more chances to collect the remaining elixirs by bringing them under the grid in a cluster. The 3 elixirs can be described as below: 

  • Magic Elixir – The blue coloured potion signifies the elixir of magic. One bottle of this potion opens the mystery bonus for the player. In this feature, a full grid filled with different vials appears on the screen. The player has to click on one vial at a time in such a way that it gives a win multiplier and avoids the poison vial as it can end the game.
  • Wisdom Elixir – The pink coloured potion signifies the elixir of wisdom. Two bottles of this potion open the gateway to the wisdom library. In that library, two types of books can be found – the wisdom books and the curse books. The first kind awards the player with multipliers, whereas the second kind leads to the end of the game. The average bets of the rounds in which the elixirs were collected are taken as the bet in this round.
  • Immortality Elixir – The green coloured potion signifies the elixir of immortality. Three bottles of this potion give the player access to 5 free spins where multipliers can be activated by blasting elements placed below the multiplier symbols. The method to determine the average bet is the same as in the wisdom elixir feature.

 Bonus features 

A free spins bonus exists in the game where the players can unlock multipliers of up to 5X the total stake. This can be done by collecting the immortality elixir, and as per the kind of elements blasted, multipliers of 2X, 3X, and 5X can be applied to the wins of each round. 

Apart from that, the philosopher’s stone feature is another bonus feature. When the giant cluster of the philosopher’s stone elements is blasted, a large win can be earned by the player who comes along with a multiplier of 1000X the total stake. 

Completing Bonus games can further be advantageous as it can help the players in improving their rank on the scoreboard in which one bonus game gives one star, and a total of three stars can help the player in advancing to the next level. 


Therefore, Alchemy Blast is a completely original and unique slot that offers a variety of fun and unprecedented features as well as a bright, interactive theme that keeps the players interested from the beginning till the very end. 

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