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Ark of Ra

Ark of Ra
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Ark of Ra
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With cool graphics and an interesting theme, The Ark of Ra by Circular Arrow is a good slot game to explore the mystery of the Egyptian Gods. This game has a wide bet range and amazing payouts for its players.

Theme and graphic

Ark of Ra is a slot game based on the theme of the Egyptian God. The main lead of the game is the Ra, who is considered the father of all creation by the Egyptians. He is also considered the God of the Sun, power, light and heaven. The design quality of the Ark of Ra slot game is one of the best ou there. 

The slot symbols used in the game are also about the Egyptian theme. One can see Egyptian Symbols like the Eye of Ra and the Egyptian Gods Anubis and Horus. In the background there are 3 pyramids and architecture resembling Egyptian temples and castles. There are two pillars on either side of the slot, and two Gods, Ra and Anibus, are standing on both sides like guardians of the slot.

Symbols of Arc of Ra

The Arc of Ra has tile symbols representing ancient Egypt symbols and classical slot symbols like the alphabet J, Q, K and A. These alphabets are the low-paying symbols of the slot game. Ankh, the eye of Ra, the golden dog statue and the golden bird are the medium-paying symbols. This slot game also has Wild Symbol, a scroll reading wild, and a scatter symbol, a golden box. The golden coin with two wings engraved is special. 

Features of Arc of Ra

Players can unlock various features of the slot game Arc of Ra as they land on special symbols. The features provided by Arc of Ra include free spins, wilds, scatters and specials.

Landing on a scatter symbol can unlock the free spin feature. The player must collect the coins for the wild reel feature to unlock. When the coin metre gets filled, the wild spin is activated. 


Ark of Ra is one of the best slot games, with a 96.14% RTP rate and medium volatility. The slot follows a 5×3 format with 20 payline. The minimum bet amount starts at 0.2 to a maximum of 200 for a spin. 

The low-paying symbol of the Arc of Ra is the alphabet A, K, Q, and J and the symbol Ankh, the golden eye, golden dog statue and golden bird statue. For Q and J, 3 of them are on the payline. The minimum payout is 0.25 and a maximum of 1.5 for 5 on the payline. For K and A symbols, the minimum payout is 0.25 and the maximum payout of 2.

The golden Ankh, eye, dog and birds statue have an average payout. The minimum payout of Ankh is 0.35, and .2.5 is the maximum payout of it. For the golden eye, the minimum payout is 0.35, and the maximum payout is 3. The dog statue on the payline can deliver a minimum payout of 0.5 and a maximum payout of 3.75.

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