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Auto Roulette Live
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Auto Roulette Live
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Auto Roulette Live from Evolution Gaming just as the name makes clear dispenses with the services of a live dealer. The emphasis is thus on the fastest and most efficient gameplay possible, with lots of games being played per hour and at all hours.
It is in fact not an RNG game or a simple emulation, but actually makes use of a real roulette wheel, which is however covered in a virtual betting layout. Read on for a full overview of this rocket-fast live game.

Speed Into Action With Auto Roulette Live!

The roulette table used in this live game is a European one and standard roulette rules apply. A top-down view of the action is presented, with a standard race track on show. The table shown is virtually rendered, with the roulette wheel being the only real thing in view. Everything on the screen is well designed and oozes class and quality.

The game is available to both mobile devices and the PC, with the gameplay experience only varying slightly depending on the platform being used. This casino game offers a more immersive experience the larger screen enables the easy accessibility of stats and other gameplay options that boost playability.

Gameplay and More

The audio effects consist of a robotic-sounding voice that gives instructions, as well as normal game sounds as the ball caroms around the spinning wheel. These can, however, be toggled off if desired. An auto-zoom function is available for zooming in on the action, with this makes gameplay more tolerable on mobile.
The live stream from the studio is usually stable, but mobile users might find themselves infrequently experiencing issues. These can be usually solved by lowering the quality of the video stream.

Final Thoughts

Auto Roulette Live is a game that focuses on the speediest and most exciting gameplay experience to be had. It’s both simple and classy and would be a great fit for those who wish to immerse themselves for hours upon hours playing nothing else but pure roulette. There are lots of tweakable gameplay options and the fact that Auto Roulette Live can be played on mobile makes it good for mobile gamers looking for fast-paced action during boring times.
Overall, Auto Roulette Live has lots going for it to make it worth getting to know.

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