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One of the highly popular card games people play baccarat both online and offline. Though there are three different types of Baccarat games, Punto Banco is the most popular and the most widely played baccarat game as it is considered to be one of pure chance. Basically, a dealer vs player game, the aim is to get as near to a total of 9 as possible. Hence, there are three outcomes on which players can bet; either the player wins or the dealer wins or it is a tie. 

Microgaming is a popular casino games developer and has come out with more than 750 online games including popular slots games as well as other casino games and card games. People can enjoy three variants of Baccarat released by Microgaming, namely Single Deck Baccarat, High Limit Baccarat and Baccarat Gold, which is currently available at Vegas Mobile Casino. 

  1. Single Deck Baccarat

The best feature of Single Deck Baccarat from MG that sets it apart from the other two variations is that it is played with a single deck. Just like with any other baccarat game, the house edge for player’s bet is the lowest with this variation too; specifically, it is lowest among the three variations from MG at 1.01%. 

The game is very simple and comes with a standard design. It is played on a mini table with minimal graphics; the only option that player can play with is switching the sound on and off. One can consider the Single Deck Baccarat as the basic variant which can be enjoyed by amateurs. 

  1. High Limit Baccarat

The basic difference between this form of Baccarat and the basic level one is that this variant is played with a total of 8 decks with 52 cards each. This version too is played on the mini table and as the title suggests the stakes for this variant are high. Players have more options where they can Peek before dealing more cards, view history, adjust game speed, etc.

  1. Baccarat Gold

This version of Baccarat is perhaps the most engaging and entertaining and comes with great graphics and myriad options for the players. The options available are diverse so as to provide players with an atmosphere that is as near to the experience of physically playing at a conventional casino! Thus, this is the most advanced version of the three variants from Microgaming.


Thus, Microgaming provides players with three versions of the Baccarat game – Single Deck Baccarat, High Limit Baccarat and Baccarat Gold. Each version has the same basic layout but comes with different in-game features. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur