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Banana Drop


Crazy Tooth Studio and Microgaming has put valuable features and amazing graphics to this game. The smooth visuals and fun bonuses are also striking characteristics of it. You can enjoy this game at online casinos such as Vegas Mobile Casino. 

Basic features 

Banana Drop is a 6x4 reel online slot which offers up to 4096 ways to win. You would need to get at least 3 symbols of the same kind in order to get wins in this game. There are no hard efforts required to cross the levels, getting 2 or 3 appetisers or bonuses would be enough to secure victories. 

Special features 

The monkeys are featured with funky glasses and are shown to jump across with the help of a rope, which looks truly attractive. Though the name suggests, however, the entire game is not just about monkeys or bananas. 

Coconut, pineapple, watermelon and leaf scatters are some of the plant symbols in this game. The animal symbols are giraffe, hippos and lions. Out of these, lions are the highest value symbols. 

Bonus features 

'Stacked Wilds' is one of the most useful features in the game as it replaces any adjacent symbol which could help in forming the winning combinations. However, it is important to note that the Stacked Wilds only appear on reels such as 2,3,4 and 5. 

Falling Banana is another worthy feature and its usefulness lies in the fact that it can be triggered in any random game. The monkey will pop out from somewhere and drop the bananas on the reel. The dropped bananas are accompanied by cash prizes or wilds. 

The Big Build-up feature is very similar to the Falling Bananas feature as this also allows you to score some extra bananas. Activation of this feature would display more bananas on the trees and thus, give more chances for loot. 

Free Spins are always of great use in any casino game. In this game, leaf scatter symbols are the ones which are responsible for it. Up to 3 symbols are required for unlocking the free soon feature. 


Banana Drop is basically a featured game with beautiful graphics and cheering background sound. With a lot of bonus features, this game continues to maintain the same level of excitement amongst the players. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur