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Bonus Bunnies

Bonus Bunnies
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Bonus Bunnies
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The Bonus Bunnies is perhaps one of the best slot games to enjoy on your smartphones or tablet screens. This beautiful slot features 4×4 reel slot machines along with 30 pay lines. Moreover, lively enthusiastic colours and the symbols are something which imparts this game a uniqueness. 

Game features 

This slot consists of a reel which is full of wild symbols. The symbols which pay the most are basically all the vegetables, ranging from peas, tomatoes and many more. The game revolves around a bunny who is fluffy, white and always wears a bow tie. This bunny chases for only one thing which is the carrot. He runs to cover the entire reel, either vertically or horizontally. 

In the game, you would get 3 spins in order to catch as many carrots as you can (which is the aim of the game). In case you get lucky enough and catch one, then you get the chance of another 3 spins and catch more carrots for yourself. The round ends with you either running out of carrot spaces or spins. 

A 20 to 35x bet could be expected if you find most of the carrots displaying on your mobile or tablet screen. In case you are fortunate enough and get a final multiplier, then you might receive a bet up to 90x too! 

Special features 

The Bonus Bunnies slots feature a gardener which assists in generating more spaces for painting more carrots and could potentially add more rows of symbol space. This is nothing but a multiplier.

Another multiplier feature is in the form of a ‘Sweet Girl’. This girl could add the multiplier to your carrots up to 5x more. 

Bonus Features 

There are bonus symbols in these slots which could result in wild expansion, i.e. the bunny can hop over the symbols and turn the whole reel wild. 

There are also carrot link spins in this game which can be activated by getting 3 bonus symbols. You would get 3 spins out of it; in case you land up on a carrot then you get 3 re-spins to win even more. 

The bonus round could empower you with rewards such as huge multiplier value carrots, rows being added to the reel, etc. The ultimate reward that you might achieve from this game is the golden key which opens the treasure chest. This chest consists of multipliers such as 3x, 4x and 5x which could reflect on your all over win. 


Bonus Bunnies is a slot game which undoubtedly stars wonderful features to keep the players mesmerised in the game. In addition to this, the great bonuses proliferate more on its beauty.

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