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Brood of Gods

Brood of Gods
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Brood of Gods
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The Maori gods Papatūānuku- the Earth Mother, Ranginui – the Sky Father and Whiro-te-tipuna – the god of darkness and evil- are the game’s main characters. The game is set in an enchanted forest enlightened by green luminous divine light. 

The gods in this game can bless the players using their power to help get amazing rewards. The reel board is set in the middle of the screen, and the goddess papa is on the right side. The reel board has a bold, bright green border. The game can be experienced on all devices, including mobiles, notepads and desktops. 


The symbols of the Brood of Gods are mostly associated with Maorian culture and their gods. The symbols are engraved on stone tiles; they all have a mystic cue. The intricate designs are closely connected with Maorian culture. 

The high-paying and rewarding symbol of the game is the Gods themselves. The game also features a wild symbol, multipliers and special symbols. 


Broods of Gods’ immersive and rewarding features include multipliers, wilds, free spins, cleared reels and modifier gods. The game has 3 multiplier symbols bronze, silver and gold coins. The bronze coin can reward players with a value between 0.1x to 5x, a silver coin can reward players with values between 0.6-0.9x, and a gold coin has a value between 1-5x the bet.

The wild symbol of the Broods of God slot game is a bold W symbol. When 3 to 5 combinations appear, the wild symbol replaces all the regular paying symbols other than multipliers. The wild symbol can be used as a winning combination to get a higher payout. 

The god modifier features are always activated throughout the game to help players win amazing rewards. The three gods, Papa, Rangi and Whiro, have different powers. 

Papa can turn random symbols into similar ones. The modifier feature of Papa is that she puts flowers on random symbols, and they all turn into matching symbols. 

The Rangi modifier randomly selects a 2×2 section of the reel board and turns them into matching symbols. 

Whiro, the god of evil and darkness in this game, is here to help the player. When the Whiro modifier feature is activated, it selects a random symbol, and the rest of the symbols will vanish from the reel, and new ones will fall to fill the space. 

The free spin feature is triggered when 4 multiplier coins are collected. In a single cascading spin, the player must collect 4 multipliers coins in bronze, silver and gold. 


The Broods of Gods is found in the 94% and 96% RTP with a 5×5 grid and format. The minimum wager starts at 0.10 and can be extended to £20 for a spin. The maximum payout of the game is 1789x

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