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Diamond VIP Live

Diamond VIP Live
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Diamond VIP Live
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While there are a number of good online blackjack games in the market and Evolution Gaming’s Diamond VIP Live is certainly up there. This online blackjack for high stake players is beamed live from studios in both Latvia and UK. Players are greeted with high video and audio quality with a variety of camera angles. In addition, players can play this blackjack variant directly from their smartphones and tablets. Learn more about this blackjack from the review below.

Diamond VIP Live A Blackjack For High Rollers

For starters, Diamond VIP Live is played under regular blackjack gaming rules. Players can place a variety of side bets in this game with the minimum entry bet fixed at £1,000 while the maximum bet is £5,000. The high table limits of Diamond VIP Live sets it apart from other blackjack games.

Furthermore, the high entry bet seriously reduces the number of players on a table as this is a game best suited for high stakes professional and semi-professional blackjack players.

Standard Blackjack Rules Apply

The game has the standard blackjack gaming rules as well as gameplay. Like most of the blackjack games, you play this blackjack variant with a total of 8 standard decks of cards. There are randomised shuffles before each gaming session and players can place side bets. However, there are no early payouts in this online casino blackjack game.

As mentioned before, side bets are allowed and some of these bets include; 21+3, Perfect Paris and Pre-Decision. It is also possible for Insurance Bets to be placed by players. Just like in other blackjack games, the dealer will stand on a hand comprising of card values adding up to “17”. Although players are open to a variety of betting/gaming options as soon as the dealer deals them their initial couple of cards.

Diamond VIP Live Blackjack

After cards are dealt it is up to the player and dealer to decide. Either can make the decision to “Hit”, “Split”, “Double” or “Stand”. Victory is earned by players when they do not bust or where their overall card value is the closest to zero (0).

In a situation where the dealer emerges victorious, the player loses his/her bet. On the flip side, where the player is victorious he/she will earn a 1 to 1 payout. The blackjack players can receive a 3 to 2 payout as a reward for victory in the game.

To Sum Up

What makes Diamond VIP Live such a great online blackjack game includes the fact that the players have the option of placing a number of side bets to boost gameplay. In addition to this, players are treated to multiple camera angles and HD video quality with friendly live dealers who further make the game that more interesting.

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