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Double Cash Spinner

Double Cash Spinner
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Double Cash Spinner
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Double Cash Spinner is a classic casino slot themed game play with a lot of interesting layers of features and bonuses. The moment you enter the slot, you can get the feel of a retro, colorful slot game with a lot of sparkles to shower. The more you sit here, the more you can get the rewards to fall. So, spin Double Cash Spinner right now to engage each and every reward. 

About Double Cash Spinner

This is a classic slot game where there is nothing unusual lurking behind. Double Cash Spinner is a spin oriented slot game with a lot of bright colors and some high profile rewards. A classic online slot theme can be decoded here while spinning. That’s all. The rest is up to the players to decode and win. But, a thing to consider here is that, the more you spin here, the more experience you become at Double Cash Spinner. So, take your time in spinning Double Cash Spinner and win every bit of the rewards. 

Symbols and Icons 

A disco background can be seen in the spin module. This is where everything happens. A disco ball hanging can be seen in the middle and its sparkle everywhere. This is where the symbols lie. There are some playing card symbols, some BAR icons, singles, doubles, triples, and lucky 7s. There is also a wild symbol here and also a scatter for the bonuses. Just press the activate spin button to trigger the symbols and to form combinations. So, get into the game and make a lot of rewards with Double Cash Spinner. 

Features and Bonuses 

There are only minimal rewards and bonuses here like wilds and scatters. Landing consecutive scatters can activate the cash spinner feature. There is also a double cash spinner here. So, take your time to imbibe the rewards and spin accordingly. 

Conclusion on Double Cash Spinner

All set for Double Cash Spinner and now you just have to spin the game to make the winnings. Just see what all you can trigger and the rewards will come in a huge mug. So, start spinning Double Cash Spinner right now itself to win high and big. 

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