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European Roulette

European Roulette
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European Roulette
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A review on the favourite Casino game chosen by many

This is the single zero roulette and is also one of the most popular games among Casino players. Indulge yourself in this table game at Vegas Mobile Casino and get the feel of a real live Casino. Your luck plays a very important part to play in this table game.  A croupier spins the reels in one direction and then a small ball is tossed in the opposite direction.

Raise yourself and embrace the riches and surprises you can be rewarded within European Roulette. Bet wisely to win this table game and make sure your focus stays on the fortune of wheels.

The Higher The Bet You Place, The Higher Payout You Win In European Roulette

There are different ways of betting in this table game, read through:

Inside bets:

  • Straight up- Bet on any number in the table including 0
  • Split- Betting on two numbers which are next to each other
  • Street Bet- Betting on three numbers on a row

Outside bets:

  • Column bet- betting on three columns
  • Dozen bet- place your bet on 12 numbers
  • Even money bet- Place a bet on odd, even or colours black or red.

Read Through This Section To Get More Details About The Wheel Of Fortune

The wheels used in European Roulette are different from the ones in American Roulette. There are 37 pockets in the wheel of this Online Roulette, all the pockets are coloured red and black except for the 0 pocket which is green coloured.

You need to place your bets before the wheel is spun, and when the ball lands on the numbers you have bet for, you win the game. Make sure your bet size is high if you want to win high in this table game. The thrill that is created when the ball spins around the wheel is the essence of this game.

Are You Ready To Spin Your Fortune Along The Wheels?

Don’t wander when you play European Roulette; be calm and composed that will help you win through this table game. Remember, it is a game dependent on your luck and there are no rules or strategies that can help you win the game. The different bets have different winning value so make sure that you think twice before placing a bet. You can play the demo version at Vegas Mobile Casino to familiarise yourself with the wheels and their value. Whether you place an inside bet or outside bet, the size of your wager will determine the size of your win.

Game Details to keep you alert in European Roulette

  • Payout for a bet on single number is 36 coins
  • Payout for placing a split bet is 17
  • Payout for placing a street bet is 11
  • Payout for placing a bet on corner is 8
  • On placing a line bet the payout is 5
  • On placing even money bet is 1
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