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Forest Fortune

Forest Fortune
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Forest Fortune
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The Forest Fortune by Hacksaw is designed without complicating the essential elements. The game’s ambience is relaxing and calming, with a mysterious hint. It looks as if the game is set in an enchanted forest with tall trees reaching up to the sky while the sunbeams filter through the tree branches to lighten the forest.

 The graphics are simple and calming, with music that fits well with the game. The soundtrack plays a huge part in making the game’s ambience look mysterious. 


The game’s symbols are designed to mesh with the game’s theme. The symbols are mostly bugs, fruits, wild products, scatter and wild symbols. The scatter symbol of the Forest Fortune is the butterfly, and the wild symbol is the whirling leaf in the wind. Other symbols include the blue butterfly and green butterfly. The regular symbols of Forest Fortune include acorns, blueberries, mushrooms, bugs, and bumble bees.


The forest fortune slot game is a forest that gamers can explore to find fortune. The bugs, forest edible, butterflies and other symbols on the slots guide the players to fortune. The Forest Fortune game also has free spins, wild symbols, a wind feature, and multipliers. 

The free spin feature is unlocked when a player lands on three or more scatter symbols on the reel. The scatter symbol of the forest fortune game is the monarch butterfly. This feature will award players with 3 free spins. 

The next feature is unlocked with the help of wild symbols. Landing on the wild symbol could help the player activate the wind feature. The game’s wild symbol is the whirling leaf symbol; this feature will turn the reel symbols to create a winning cluster. The number of reels it turns depends on the number of wild symbols the player lands on.

To trigger the multiplier feature, the player needs to land on the butterflies; the butterflies the player lands on are added to the progress bar. The blue butterflies, when landed, could add a value of up to 100 on the meter. The green butterflies could contribute to a maximum meter score of 50x. The bumblebee symbol fills 1/3 of the metre when it appears on the reel. 


The Forest Fortune game has an RTP rate of 94.6 and high volatility. The game has a 5×5 format slot board; the win happens when a player lands on a cluster of similar symbols. 

Forest fortune has high-paying symbols like the bugs and red bugs. When 15 of them land on a cluster, it could give a payout of 150x, and the blue bug has a maximum value of 100x. The brown, green and yellow bug has a maximum payout of 40x. The fruit symbols like strawberries, acorns, mushrooms, blueberries, and blackberries have a maximum payout of 25x. 

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