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Fruity Burst 2

Fruity Burst 2
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Fruity Burst 2
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The Fruity Burst 2 is all about fruits bursting to hand out rewards to the players. The fruits are alive at the fruit stall owned by the grandpa. He is standing at the right corner of the stall with fruit in his hand, watching the fruits fall on the reel and burst. The design of the game is lively and energetic.

The symbols cascade down to the reel to grant more rewards to the players, and the game can be enjoyed on all devices, including desktops, smartphones and notepads.


The symbols of Fruity Burst 2 are all, no doubt, fruits. The special symbol of the game is a sliced dragon fruit with Free games written on it and the powerup ball, which appears in the free games round.

The regular symbols are fruits like mango, lemon, strawberry, orange, and blueberry. The high-paying regular symbol of Fruity Burst 2 is the strawberry, and low paying one is the orange. 


Fruit Burst 2 and its lively animations have interesting features packed to make the game more interesting. The features offered by Fruity Burst 2 include an avalanche, free spins and power grid features. 

The base game has an avalanche feature, where the symbols keep falling from the top of the reel instead of having reels that spin. Every time the player gets a winning cluster, the fruit burst, and more symbols cascade down to fill the spot, increasing the chances of a win. The cascading of symbols goes on until there are no more winning combinations.

The game’s scatter symbol is the dragon fruit with Free games written on it; when a player lands on three or more scatter symbols on the reel during the base game free games feature is unlocked. Players could get unlimited free spins if they keep receiving the powerup balls throughout the game.

During the free games, the players can land on Powerup Ball. The Power Up ball only appears once the free games feature is activated. This will extend the slot reel to a 7×7 format increasing the chances of winning. 


Fruity Burst 2 has a default RTP rate of 95% and is also available with an RTP rate of 93%. The game comes with low volatility. The minimum betting amount of Fruity Burst starts at 0.1, and it can be extended to up to 50 for a spin. 

The player must land on more than 5 matching symbols in a cluster to receive a payout. The matching symbols have to be next to each other vertically or horizontally to get a winning combination. 

The highest-paying symbol of Fruity Burst 2 is the strawberry, followed by lemons, grapes, apples and oranges. The maximum payout offered by Fruity Burst 2 is 10,000x. 

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