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Happy Apples

Happy Apples
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Happy Apples
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The slot game Happy Apples has everything yummy and sweet about them. The game fuses yummy Japanese treats of Asia with sweet, crispy, and lucky apples. Set in a cutesy land of pink floating clouds and hills covered with green glass and flowers, happy apples will surely make players happy. 

The cutesy experience of the Happy Apple slot game can be enjoyed at Vegas Mobile Casino for amazing rewards and payout. Hanging from the lucky tree of apples, the reel board can bless players with luck often. 


Happy apples have a reel board filled with cute, cute Asian sweets. High-paying symbols of the slot game are the cute animals with a peachy glow, like the cat, panda, pig, and fox. 

Happy apples feature the Asian sweet as the low-paying symbol, including the Manjus, Daifukumochi, Sakura mochi, and Yōkan Wagashi. Happy Apples also feature scatter and special symbols which can unlock bonus rounds. With a stable internet connection, the slot game can be enjoyed on iPhones, android, and desktop devices. 


The happy Apples slot game is packed with features to keep the players happy while looking for their treasures in this happy land. The slot game features include free spins, Chain Reaction, Fortune Tree, and Bonus Buy.

The chain reaction feature is unlocked whenever a player lands on more than 10 matching symbols. The winning combination of the matching symbol is erased from the reel, and the space is filled with new symbols. The chain reaction feature continues until there are no more wins possible. 

The scatter symbol of Happy Apples slot game is the green apple lollipop with free spin written on it. When a player lands on 3 or more scatter symbols, the free spin feature is activated. Players can get a maximum of 15 free spins. The chances of the fortune tree feature getting activated during the free spin round are high. 

The apple tree on which the reel board is suspended is responsible for activating the Fortune Tree feature. From the tree, golden or diamond apples can fall on the reel. Up to 10 golden apples can appear on the reel, and they can award instant payouts to the players. 

The diamond apple acts as a multiplier in the Happy Apples slot game. When activated, 3 diamond symbols can appear on the reel with values 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x, 20x, 25x, 50x, or 100x. 

To get faster access to the bonus rounds of the Happy Apples slot game, players can buy the features with the feature buy option of the game. The free spin feature can be brought for 70x value. A spin with guaranteed golden apples can be brought at a 3x value. For 15x value, a spin with guaranteed diamond apples can be purchased. 


Happy Apples slot game has an RTP rate of 95.7% for its jackpot variety with high volatility. The minimum bet starts at 0.1 and can be extended to 10 per spin.

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