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Joker Reelz

Cracking most of this slot’s reward structure is super simple. Just be prepared for some fair themed symbols and roll them strategically, the winnings will be automatically saved to our pockets. Joker Reelz is all about visuals and colour gazed wonder. Nothing magical is going to happen during the play and what all happens will be precious.


Joker Reelz has a distinctive slot arrangement and is massively thematic. Everything here is fun themed and the symbols just shine on its own. With a colourful backdrop, the bright and happy coloured symbols contrast sharply to bring the slot play to life. The layout and systems are not at all complicated and anyone can easily manoeuvre through it. The soundtrack also is modern and synthetic which makes it obvious and reminds of some other space themed slot of this era. 


Here the symbols include logos, Lucky 7s, Joker wilds, card suit and regular which can make the required pairs and combination of winning amounts for the gambler. There is nothing much here with the symbols. Most of the work will be done from the Joker Wilds which is there to make unstoppable fun. The players can also get the advantage of the free spins and trigger option from these wild symbols. 


Joker Free Spins will be the basic feature here. These are triggered when a Joker Wild symbol lands on the reels. The number of Free Spins depends on how many Wild symbols occupy the screen. Keep in mind that these free-spins are re-triggerable too. 

Bonus Features

Towering Reels will be the bonus feature here. The Towering symbols can see anywhere on the reels but it is up to the players to handle it strategically. Two or three reels can combine to create one giant reel during each spin in both, base game and free spins. This is how the bonus feature gives a better chance to win. 


Joker Reelz is really a fun zone. It has incorporated everything which can lure the players inside. Despite its reduced feature table and some basic functions, this is somewhat a basic, entertaining game with minimal fun. The rest is upto the players to decide. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur