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Lady Earth

Lady Earth
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Lady Earth
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 With many high-quality online casinos out there, Vegas Mobile Casino believes that there is a great casino to match each individual player’s needs. Lady Earth suits the overall public and is very easy to play and learn, hence becoming an overall favourite.

Game Features

Lady Earth has about 51 pay lines and multitudes of opportunities which can land the player with some handsome wins to his name. The most interesting feature is the Re-spins feature which allows the substitution of all winning lines and creates a domino effect of triggering successive successes and reaching the high-end limit that exists for jackpots

The high-value symbols are earth, fire, water and air. On the other hand, the low value are rabbits, scorpions, fish and lizards. There are no wild symbols in Lady Earth, but the scatter is the Lady blue’s face. 

Special Features

Any spins which award the player with a certain win can ignite and induce the Re-spin insanity feature. During this feature, all the symbols which previously held and displayed the winning symbol now dislocate and combine to form a re-spin area and are spun again.

Following every such re-spin, the game evaluates the player’s wins which add as an extra to the total cumulative amount that is won. However, if this re-spin feature does not rank up a symbol that happens to match any position beyond the re-spin area, the bonus features cease to play and go on. All the wins are accumulated, and the feature wins are collected along with the regular wins as the player’s final reward amount.

Bonus Features

The main bonus feature of Lady Earth, as the name suggests, is the lady earth bonus which needs three scatter symbols to activate.  This bonus lasts up to 5 rounds, and almost every single round comes as a reward bearing multipliers or skulls, or token and credits. According to the player’s choices, the prizes are awarded, and they are added to the total win.

If a multiplier is chosen, then the entire round’s winnings are multiplied accordingly and so forth. If any tokens are chosen during this round, then the winnings are in multiples of the initial token number which work as a great advantage to the player.

If skulls are collected, the round ends when 3 or more skulls are collected, and one cannot possibly re-activate the Lady Earth bonus. The player chooses the bet multiplier which decides the credit points multiplier as well. The bonus round is also greatly favoured, and the player can pick their chances to gain additional multipliers and also experience the power of the slots of Lady Earth in full swing.


Overall, Lady Earth game boasts of a lot of great features that add a fun twist element to the traditional gaming slot experience and thus is a must-have on every gamer’s list.

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