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Monopoly Big Spin

Monopoly Big Spin is a retro adventure themed slot with minimalism and exciting features. It's made just for fun and rewards. The basic idea here is to make an array of symbolic patterns and the reward will be inside the pocket. 


Monopoly Big Spin is more of a simple, straight forward slot game with numerous bonus features. The slot itself is made up of multiple enhancements which make the whole gaming process simple and systematic. The slot of Monopoly Big Spin is a 5×3 grid featuring 243 way wins. It's more of a 3D slot which rewards in all ways, offering a bonus game, free spins and more during rolling. In the background, there is a huge mystic themed canvas with castles and mountains. The sound settings are also unique giving it a fresh overview and effect. 

Monopoly stands in the center of a big wheel, surrounded by colorful houses and hotels. Various familiar symbols appear around the wheel, such as the Utilities, Railroad, and Free Parking icons. Other sections of the wheel come in shades of brown, red, blue, and more, to match the colors of Monopoly streets. A bet area below the wheel shows you how much the players can win from each segment, along with how many bonus spins which they can claim from higher-paying symbols.

When it comes to the features, Monopoly Big Spin will be the basic feature here. The 14 zones represent different segments of the wheel, 8 referring to property colors, and the rest to the bonus segments. They are like:

  • Dark blue - pays 25 to 1.
  • Green - pays 17 to 1.
  • Yellow - pays 12 to 1.
  • Red - pays 10 to 1.
  • Orange - pays 8 to 1.
  • Purple - pays 7 to 1.
  • Light blue - pays 6 to 1.
  • Brown - pays 5 to 1.

Bonus Features

Bonus Wheel Spin will be the bonus feature here. When a bonus wheel spin is awarded, it guarantees a win either, though, with other prizes to claim. Players will proceed to the bonus wheel, consisting of 10 segments, each one displaying a fixed multiplier value from 5x to 200x. 


The slot is a perfect example for fun and features. Monopoly Big Spin is the best slot for winning and earning without any complications. It has fun all the way till the end. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur