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Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold

Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold
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Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold

If you have played the Blackjack card game and enjoyed it, then maybe it's time for you to lay your hands on Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold. This table game has five hands, five ways, and five chances to win the game and beat the dealer.

This table casino game also offers a free version, wherein, you can play without real money and understand the game in greater detail before you place your money on stake. Even if you are a beginner, you can go ahead and play this game and understand the game. This game has been created to make you feel the experiences of a real-life table game.

How to play Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold?

Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold is played with 52 cards of 5 decks, the dealer stands on 17 and the game begins when you click on “click to place your bet" icon. The dealer then gives out 5 hands after which the player chooses to hit, stand or double his wager. The player can bet big or small. There is no limit to that. Multi-hand Classic Blackjack brings to you the fun of online table game. The game is faster, smoother and easier to play. If you are confident about your skills with this game, then you can go ahead and play in the expert mode which has more options to explore.


The players have an option of early surrender if the dealer doesn’t have an Ace and you also have an option of splitting, but they can do that only once. The table limit varies from £/€/$ 1 to 200 credit chip. The most common way to win Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold online is by taking advantage of free bonus offers and play with different combinations. Since this is a type of European Blackjack, all the Blackjack rules apply to this game.


This Blackjack game is a great start for beginners and fun for the advanced players. Since the rate of RTP (Return to Player) is high, it is often chosen by players since it earns them frequent wins. Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold can be used as a platform to learn and know more about Blackjack for this one offers huge wins and the free version of it can be used anytime. The graphic illustrations and animations make this one realistic and incite in the players the excitement of online gambling. This is one of the best Blackjack game online that allows for five hands of Blackjack in one round.

 Game Rules

  • Game Providers - Microgaming
  • All the Blackjack rules apply while playing this game.
  • The game is played with 5 decks * 52 cards
  • When the two original cards total is 9, 10 and 11 doubling down is allowed.
  • Splitting Aces is allowed.
  • The 10 value cards are not allowed to be split.
  • Ordinary winnings are 1:1
  • Blackjack winnings are 3:2
  • Insurance wins are 2:1
  • Table limit- £/€/$ 1-200

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 02/12/2015

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