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Oink Farm

Oink Farm
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Oink Farm
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The Oink Farm by Foxium is set in a rural atmosphere. As players reap the harvest from the Oink Farm, they will be rewarded with amazing payouts and discounts. The game is loaded with lively retro music and graphic to make it more immersive for the players. 

Graphic and Design

The slot reel is set in a rural environment, a fantasy farmland with cartoon-like animals like sheep, foxes and pigs. The slot is set in the background of a lush green farm. It has lively, cheerful music to facilitate the fairy farmland atmosphere. 

The tiles have clear and big symbols framed by wood or placed on beige clay slate. Vines are growing on the top of the slot reel with a wooden frame, contrasting with the green background. 

Symbols Of Oink Farm

The Oink Farm slot reel has a 5-reel grid with 4 rows. The tiles of the Oink Farm follow the farm theme with tiles featuring images of farm animals, poultry and vegetables. The high-paying symbols of the game are the fox, sheep, chicken, cabbage and carrot. 

Oink Farm Feature

The Oink Farm is one of the best slot games offering amazing features and bonus moves to keep the players entertained and help them win rewards. Other than Jackpot, the features offered by Oink Farm includes wild reels, coin collects and free spins. The game has a coin meter on top of the reel. Each time the player lands on a coin symbol, the metre gets filled. 

When the player gets 3 Oink coins on the reel, it activates the Wild reel feature. When the wild reel gets activated, the piggy Wild is substituted with scatter and pay symbols. The scatter symbol in Oink farm is the windmill. 

When a player lands on the 3 windmill symbols on the pay line, it activates the free spin feature. The player will be awarded 10 free spins. The jackpot feature of the Oink game is called the Eggs Rush. For this to activate, the slot has to be filled with chickens, and players click on it to reveal their payout. 

Oink Farm Payout

Oink Farm has an RTP rate of 96.23%. The minimum bet can be placed at 0.2 and a maximum of 50 for a spin. The game has medium volatility and 20 pay lines. The lower-paying symbols of Oink farm include the card deck symbols A, K, Q, J and 10. For the symbol ten on a pay line, the payout is 0.2x; for J, the payout is 0.4x. 

The high-paying symbols of the Oink Farm include the animal and vegetable symbols, which include the sheep, fox chicken, carrot, and cabbage. The wild symbol is the pig with a payout value of 20x when 5 of them appears on the reels. The Scatter symbol of the game is the windmill which gives the bonus payout of free spin. To receive it, the player has to land on 3 scatter symbols. 

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