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Playboy Fortunes

This slot of bunny extravaganza is more like a festival of all orders. The slot is colourful as well as feature-filled. For a steamy ride in slots genre, this will be the perfect rolling slide. With a lot of shadows from the iconic magazine, the game serves a better roll even during the tough times. 


Playboy Fortunes is built using a classic-funky layout of 5 reels and 20 pay lines with the grid located next to a scatter win prize table. As the name suggests, the colour palette is heavy on the red and gold. While comparing the tones with the enigmatic patterns on the background, the game has a cheeky Asian touch to it. The rolling reels are accompanied by a totally funky soundtrack and a bunch of young ladies who appear at certain flashes of the game. Even in such a situation, Playboy Fortunes gives off a British gentleman’s club feel, rather than a strip club. 


Within this red-gold colour principle, the symbols of Playboy fortunes can be identified. The symbols are not at all cluttered or complicated. From the lows to the highs, the players get BAR(s), cocktail drinks, keys, bow-tie, cufflinks, sevens, double sevens, and triple sevens. As a value prompter, the triple sevens are worth 37.5 times the stake for five of a kind. One thing about symbol combos is a mixture of sevens, such as 7+77+777, will also pay out a huge deal of money. 


The primary feature here will be the free-spin. The wheel awards 10 to 30 free spins, plus a multiplier of 2x or 3x. The spins can award up to 30 Free-spins. 

Bonus Features

The mystery symbol can be called as the bonus feature here in this slot. These will help the players to collect some larger wins compared to the basics. Essentially, whenever these symbols pop-up, they will all flip to reveal one and the same symbol behind them. 


Here the preference is to the layout and style. Features are ok-ish, still, a lot can be added to the table since it is a fancy slot of Playboy fun. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur