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Playboy™ Gold Jackpots

Playboy™ Gold Jackpots
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Playboy™ Gold Jackpots

The main idea behind creating digital versions of conventional casinos, whether it is an online casino or mobile casino, is to make gambling convenient for the players. Thanks to digital casinos like Vegas Mobile Casino people can experience the magic of gambling and casino games without having to step out of their home and even on-the-go. Vegas Mobile Casino not only makes playing online safe but also secure. And with the wide variety of casino games, slots, themed slots and casino games being made available people can enjoy the latest in gaming online. Right now, players can access the latest Playboy™ Gold Jackpots slots game at Vegas Mobile Casino.

About Playboy™ Gold Jackpots game

Most everybody across the globe will be aware of the Playboy magazine and how Mr Hugh Hefner created an entire empire based on the adult magazine. All through the ages the Playboy magazine and the whole theme has been an inspiration to a number of products, and in 2013 the first game of the Playboy Jackpots series called the Playboy slots was released. And as expected it was a huge success even until 2017 when the flash version expired. The Playboy™ Gold Jackpots game is the third of the series and is expected to be as impressive as the first two instalments.

The basic layout

Nothing about the Playboy™ Gold Jackpots game is basic; everything is very impressive! If you aren’t impressed with the red and gold layout, you certainly will be impressed with the two Playboy mascots or the Bunnies as they are called standing in various cute poses to the left of the reels. Additionally, various bunnies, some recognizable from the previous versions of the game, will make frequent appearances throughout the game as high-value symbols, wilds and other special symbols. To experience the game firsthand visit Vegas Mobile Casino.

The symbols

The game is a 5x6 board with 30 paylines. Players can start betting at 15p and can go up to £60 per spin. The Playboy™ Gold Jackpots game incorporates elements from conventional slots; you can see this especially with the symbols where Spades, Clubs and Diamonds make an appearance as the basic low-value symbols while some of the Bunnies are the high-value ones. The special symbols, which are the wilds and scatters, are also in the form of other Bunnies.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 19/11/2019

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