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Poke The Guy

Poke The Guy
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Poke The Guy
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At first sight, it might be difficult to believe that the Poke the Guy slot from Microgaming is actually a slot. Rather than forming wins on paylines, players of this slot are tasked with hitting a funny-looking guy in a weird-looking suit with a variety of objects thrown from a catapult that range from the ludicrous to the practical.

Do read on for more details of what poking excitement is on offer!

Poke The Guy If You Dare!

This 2018 release has a main character who looks like he just stepped out from the pages of an obscure comic. He loves to smile and jump around and is dressed in a yellow outfit it should be a crime to wear. Players are required to bash him with objects like ice creams, knives, dead fish, bushes and rubber ducks.

The setting here is an expansive cartoon map of sorts that is packed with all sorts of buildings and water bodies. A few of the more famous icons of the world are also present on the map, with such things as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, Mount Rushmore and the Sphinx being represented.


The Poke the Guy slot has no payline, reels, rows or anything else that would make it readily identifiable as an online slot. Gameplay objectives here is to simply catapult a variety of items at the smiling weirdo in the yellow suit. Bet prices vary depending on the item used on the catapult, with ₤0.01 and ₤30 being the lowest and highest prices per shot respectively.
To speed up gameplay which can often be slower than melted molasses, a fast-forward button is featured. The Poke The Guy slot can also be accessed on mobile devices, PC, tablets and practically anything else with a screen and internet connectivity.

Bonus Features

No bonus features are represented in the Poke the Guy slots. All the players have to do here is to pick their weapon of choice, and catapult it. The given payouts vary and appear to pay out wins at random, with players receiving wins of 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 18x and 500x of the bet amount.
As a rule, the higher the bet amount the greater the possibility of triggering big wins.

Final Thoughts

The Poke the Guy slot is unconventional, to put it mildly, supports wins that can reach 500x the stake, has graphics that might appeal to fans of the classic and is worth a look.

4.9/5 - (28 votes)