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Reel Fruits

Reel Fruits might be the simplest slot out there but it has some special features which are more than the usuals. Here the slot is known for its simplicity and this specific role lacks some must features. So what's it all about? 


This is a 5 reel 10 pay line slot with simplicity all over the corners. The user interface is quite furnished with icons and help buttons which has a transparent effect. The backdrop with full-screen visuals consists of a red pool table-like structure with slots in front. The colour scheme here is something that needs some attention. As the name suggests, the slot game is about fruits and their multicolour can be seen everywhere. 


The symbol layouts and patterns are up to point. The combination of different coloured symbols is in perfect sync. The lucky 7 is the main symbol, offering the jackpot function, while the next ones have icons with a Bar logo, Golden Bell, Melon, Grape, Plum, Orange, Lemon or Cherries. The business of spinning is just like every other game. Hit the spin button and try one's luck. 


Reel Fruits doesn’t have important features like every other slot which is only known for its bonus tables. It’s quite a simple slot, and it's a type of fruit game who likes to keep things ‘basic’. It’s a genre that some players prefer. Which means, there are no wilds, scatter symbols or wilds. 

This again means, there are no bonuses also. No scatter symbols mean no free spins or respin feature.


If players need something classic and way-low minimum, this will be the right game. Even without features, the slot is a beaut for its classic interface. Nothing more, nothing less. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur